Stories of people who succeeded with us

Tony lost total of 80 kilos of fat

I had been overweight for a long time. I weighed 160 kilos and was in the worst shape of my life, both mentally and physically.

I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension and sleep apnea. The doctor said, “Now you must make a change or there is a risk that you will die in the near future.”

I was blinded by my own condition. In the midst of my busy life, I didn’t have time to focus on my well-being.

My dear nephew Elias was born, which motivated me to start my lifestyle change. I wanted to be in good shape and be able to play with him.
I had been following Joel’s coaching and his own transformations for years, so when I needed help, I knew who to contact right away.

Our coaching relationship was very close, we were in contact every day through the Repartus fitness app. We progressed in training and nutrition according to my own fitness level.
With the tools Joel gave me, I learned to eat, exercise and rest properly. Over 2 years, i lost a total of 80 kilos of fat. I am forever grateful for this experience.

Teijo got back on track

Teijo Tikkanen (56) has had a long career in various finance and HR roles, and currently works as a career and entrepreneurship coach at Helsinki Business College Oy. Exercise and sports have always been a part of Teijo’s life, and he has previously competed in age-group badminton tournaments.

During the pandemic, with sports halls closed, Teijo’s goal-oriented exercise routine took a back seat. As he struggled to find an equally enjoyable form of exercise, he began to gain weight.

“I set a goal to get back into a regular exercise routine, and tried some online programs, but my motivation dwindled pretty quickly,” says Teijo.

Teijo was introduced to Joel’s personal training philosophy through work a year ago. Joel challenged Teijo to work with him, and quickly they began producing results.

Joel’s approach is encouraging and motivating, yet flexible enough to understand each client’s unique needs. He is willing to work with the client to test which methods work best for each individual. Teijo says, “With Joel’s help, small setbacks like old injuries and wear and tear haven’t hindered my progress. We always find appropriate exercise routines for my situation.”

“We have also revamped my nutrition and eating habits. Often, I send Joel pictures of my food and get feedback. My pandemic belly has shrunk, which has had a significant positive effect on my mood,” Teijo adds. “Now, in the spring of 2022, life is blessful, my mood is sunny, and even a knee injury that restricted my skiing was rehabilitated with Joel’s program to get me in top shape for the slopes.”

Busy executive 56

 “The goal was to participate in one of the toughest sailing competitions in the world in 9 months (by the turn of the year 2018-2019). With no background in sports, the objective was to be able to function on the boat without any issues throughout the entire grueling race.” The project was successfully completed with results exceeding expectations.

Lina got impressive results fast

Thank you, Lina, for entrusting me with your fitness journey. Despite the challenges of a busy and active work life, we were able to work together towards our goal of losing bodyfat. Our collaboration was primarily online, but I also traveled to train her in to different city. In just 8 weeks, we achieved a significant reduction in bodyfat, with a total weight loss of over 7kg. I’m proud of your hard work and dedication to your health, and it was a pleasure to work with you on this project.

Matias got boost for busy life

“The challenge was the relatively busy life of an entrepreneur, but we were able to make it work with a flexible and simple nutrition plan that even improved energy levels despite being in a calorie deficit for fat loss. Joel’s coaching was very helpful and I always received advice on training and nutrition when needed during the project. We achieved our goals, losing 6.2 kilograms in three months. The project also left me with good habits for life.
I highly recommend him and Repartus!”

Ronja lost 7 kilograms

“I received personalized and easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines from Joel. My carbohydrate intake remained at the level I wanted it to be, and my fitness progress improved dramatically. Overall, I lost 7 kilos in just 12 weeks thanks to Joel’s advice and assistance. The whole process was made easy with his guidance and support!”

Nadja got great start for her fitness journey

“Joel is a really supportive and personable coach. His program and diet provided a good starting point and the tools to embark on a fitness journey. I recommend Joel as a coach for anyone who wants to start working out at the gym or upgrade their lifestyle to a healthier one!”

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